Frequently Asked Questions

Are your loops royalty free?

No. My loops are not royalty free. You must contact me or management if you get a placement. 

Can I sell leases with your loops?

I do not take a cut from beats you lease, however, if an artist wants to release a record for profit, they must reach out to management to negotiate exclusive rights.

Can I sell exclusives with your loops?

No. If an artist reaches out about exclusive rights, you must contact management. Loops are for nonprofit use only unless otherwise specified. Since I would have to part with the loop, you would need permission from all parties.

What cut do you take from placements?

Generally speaking, I like to split everything evenly between all producers on the record. For example, if the song is produced by you and me, the fee is split 50/50, publishing is 25/25, and producer pts on the master are split evenly. That said, everything will be drawn up in paperwork between producer/artist. 

Do I have to add your tag?

If you are adding your own tag, then yes you need to add mine. If you are not adding any tags, you do not need to include mine.

What is your price if an artist wants a loop exclusively?

The cost for exclusive loops varies depending on how the artist plans to release (independent/major), the budget for the project, and if I am willing to part ways with the loop. I'm pretty flexible so feel free to reach out to me or management and ask on a case by case basis.